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Max WestwaterCD
Team: 6328/5254
The lead silver medalist.

Welcome to Onshape4FRC

Welcome to Onshape4FRC

Welcome to our new blog. During the process of switching over from Solidworks to Onshape 6328 had to create various materials for teaching our students (and some mentors). In doing this we realized there are tons of resources out there but they can sometimes be hard to find. This website aims to address those issues and give teams starting out with or teaching new members in Onshape a place to start.

The getting started page walks though the process which can be useful for people creating a new account. When using Onshape there are a lot of useful parts libraries and automated features, but they require some setup. This page has instructions to follow to link our recommended libraries to your account. Onshape also has various tutorials to help people new to CAD or Onshape in general. The last part of this page lists off some of the most important ones to learn the basics.

The cad library page walks you through a lot of the things you linked in the getting started step. MKCad is a library of COTS parts which make assemblies with off the shelf components very easy. After linking the documents you can take advantage of updates with new parts due to the huge community support. Featurescripts also provide a lot of very useful custom features which can speed up and simplify the process of cadding for FRC.

External resources is a collection of tutorial series created by other community members. These videos are a great resource for more advanced design concepts after you learn the basics of using a cad program. We’re always looking for more great examples to add to this page.

The last main section is this blog. The blog posts will cover various topics focusing on teaching different methods and techniques for designing in FRC. This will be a growing resource as we find more concepts to cover in the process of our training.

We hope you find this website useful. If you have any feedback or used any of these materials with your team we’d love to hear from you!


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