CAD Library

One of the great things about Onshape are the parts libraries and featurescripts created by the community. This page is a list of some of the most useful ones we've found.

MKCad Onshape Library

This library has a wide variety of COTs parts which can be easily imported into your assemblies. This is a community created library and you can see its latest updates in the ChiefDelphi Thread.

The easiest way to use this library is to subscribe to the MKCad App, which is available on the Onshape App Store. Simply click "Subscribe" on this page and follow the prompts.

Once you have subscribed to the app, it will be available in your assemblies on the right side of your screen:

Clicking on this icon will open up the app. Click on any document or search to find parts and assemblies.

Clicking on a part or assembly will insert it into the currently open assembly. If the part or assembly has configuration options, a menu will appear allowing you to select these.

You can also label the MKCad documents to use with the normal insertion menu.

  1. Do a public search in Onshape by clicking this link.
  2. Click the label icon in the top right (next to the trash can) and then in the drop down click 'Create New Label'. Call it 'MKCad'
  3. Next you will add all documents from this search to the label by right clicking on the document, clicking 'Labels...', then adding to the newly created MKCad label

You should now see the label with all the documents on the left side of navigation below the create button.


Onshape has their own scripting language to create custom features to automate aspects of design called Featurescripts. There are also a lot of community generated scripts which are particularly useful to FRC.

  1. Open any Onshape document and go inside of a part studio
  2. Click the right most button on the toolbar ('Add custom features')
    • Note: If you have previously added any Featurescripts one of those may show up as the right most icon. In that case click the dropdown to show the add button.
  3. Paste the link of the Featurescript you're looking to add into the search bar (you can use the 'Copy Link' button next to the below scripts')
    • Note: Many of the below feature scripts are part of the same overall document so you can add multiple from the same link.
  4. Select the given script you want. It is then accessible from the same drop down where you added the feature.
Extrude Individual

Made by Julia

Select a sketch and automatically create a new body for each section of the sketch. Useful for creating multiple tubes in one operation.

Learn how to use Extrude Individual
Extrude Individual Link Copy Link

Tube Converter

Made by Julia

Coverts a raw extrusion into a tube like is typically used in FRC with parameters for tube thickness and hole patterns.

Learn how to use Tube Converter
Tube Converter Link Copy Link

Custom Length Extrusion

Made by Ricky

Quickly generate custom lengths of a wide variety of extrusions.

Custom Length Extrusion Link Copy Link


Made by Julia

Fillet all edges touching a face in a certain direction. Based on Solidworks’ FilletXpert feature.

FilletXpert Link Copy Link

Shaft Generator

Made by Julia

Quickly generate shafts with parameters for choosing shaft retention methods.

Learn how to use Shaft Generator
Shaft Generator Link Copy Link

Spacer Generator

Made by Julia

Quickly generate custom spacers.

Spacer Generator Link Copy Link

Gusset Generator

Made by Julia

Generate gussets by simply selecting the holes which define the shape of the gusset.

Gusset Generator Link Copy Link


Lighten your parts easier with this featurescript and a sketch of the areas you want removed.

Learn how to use Lighten
Lighten Link Copy Link

Plate Generator

Made by Alex

Generate custom plates from nothing more than a few sketch points.

Plate Generator Link Copy Link

Belt Generator

Made by Alex

Generate belts/pulleys between given center points.

Belt Generator Link Copy Link

Spur Gear Generator

Made by Alex

Generate highly customizable spur, helical, and double helical gears.

Spur Gear Generator Link Copy Link

Isogrid Pattern

Made by Julia

Adds an Isogrid pattern to parts.

Isogrid Pattern Link Copy Link

Motor Mount Hole Generator

Made by Julia

Adds holes for motor mounting holes (and vents on 775 style motors).

Motor Mount Hole Generator Link Copy Link

Automated Part Numbering

Made by Abhi

Automatically assign part numbers to your parts.

Automated Part Numbering Link Copy Link

Laser joint generator

Adds slots for mounting two pieces of laser cut material together.

Learn how to use Laser joint generator
Laser joint generator Link Copy Link

T-slot joint generator

Adds slots and holes for mounting two pieces of laser cut material together with a bolt and nut.

Learn how to use T-slot joint generator
T-slot joint generator Link Copy Link

Automatic part layout

Automatically lays out parts on a flat surface for laser cutting or milling.

Automatic part layout Link Copy Link

General Featurescript Collection

List of various useful scripts which aren't FRC specific: Link

Robot CAD Collection

Robot CAD from previous years can be a great learning resource to look at how other teams solved old challenges. Thankfully teams have compiled lists together to make it easy to find robots from specific teams and years.

Are We Missing Anything?

If we're missing any useful resources be sure to let us know so we can get it added.

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