Getting Started

This page is designed to walk you through getting started with Onshape. It will cover creating your account, linked the helpful parts libraries, and following the basic tutorials.

Creating Your Account

  1. Navigate to
  2. Fill in the information on this page and click 'Create EDU Account'
  3. Fill in the information for your school and agree to the terms then click 'Create Account'
    • You can simply put 'FIRST Robotics' for what you plan to use Onshape for
  4. Check the email you used to sign up in the earlier step
  5. Open the Onshape account activation email and click the link to activate your account
  6. You will be sent to a page where you can now create your username and password
  7. Optional: Join the Onshape Team for your FRC Team
    • If you have an Onshape team you will need to contact whoever has access on your team with the email you used to sign up for Onshape so you can be added.
    • Don't have a team? You can lean how to set one up here.

Using MKCad Parts Library

The easiest way to use this library is to subscribe to the MKCad App, which is available on the Onshape App Store. Simply click "Subscribe" on this page and follow the prompts.

Once you have subscribed to the app, it will be available in your assemblies on the right side of your screen:

Clicking on this icon will open up the app. Click on any document or search to find parts and assemblies.

Clicking on a part or assembly will insert it into the currently open assembly. If the part or assembly has configuration options, a menu will appear allowing you to select these.

Adding Useful Featurescripts

Featurescripts are community created custom functions to automate portions of the design process. To learn more about what they can do visit our page on them.

  1. Open any Onshape document and go inside of a part studio
  2. Click the right most button on the toolbar ('Add custom features')
  3. Paste the link of the document you're looking to add from into the search bar and then select the individual scripts to add. Add the following scripts from their respective link. (these are only our recommendation, we will try to keep this list updated when new ones are released)

Complete Onshape Learning Pathway Tutorials

Onshape has a lot of useful curriculum to help you learn about the software on their website. We recommend completing the following tutorials to get a good understanding of the basic concepts of OnShape.

  1. Introduction to Parametric Feature-Based CAD
  2. Navigating Onshape
  3. Sketching
  4. Part Design Using Part Studios
  5. Multi-Part Part Studios
  6. Onshape Assemblies
  7. Detailed Drawings
  8. Document Management
  9. Importing and Exporting Data
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