This is a collection of various mechanical calculators which are useful while designing. These can help with determining gear ratios, gear center to centers, belt center to centers, chain lengths, and much more.

West Coast Products Calculators

Gear Calculator

Used to determine the center distance between two gears of any given size. Can be done for either main type of gear used in FRC (20DP & 32DP).

Belt Calculator

Used to determine center to center distance for given pulleys. This calculator will only given you belt sizes which are sold by VexPro. Because belts come in specific sizes the calculator will show you the two closest sizes to your desired center distance.

JVN Design Calculator

JVN Calculator is a spreadsheet which helps with the design of robot mechanisms and drivetrains. With this, you can find the speed of your drivetrain, the current draw from motors, and design rotary and linear mechanisms.


ReCalc is website with various mechanical calculators and references. This calculator is web based and has sharable urls which make it very easy to save and share configurations.

Spectrum Design Calculator

The Spectrum design spreadsheet combines tons of useful resources together for calculating pneumatics, mechanical systems (belts, chains, gears, etc.), electrical, and much more. This is a great spreadsheet to always have open while designing.

ILITE Drivetrain Simulator

This spreadsheet provides a lot of advanced calculations for FRC drivetrains. You can use this to optimize your gear ratios for specific travel distances and current draws.